How To Unlock iPhone 4 on any Network for Free

If you like to find service how to Unlock iPhone 4 to use on any network for free service this is the best solution for you. If you own an iPhone 4 and you have purchased it second hand or from an Internet service, then you are probably familiar with the issue of iPhone 4 lock on you iPhone device. You know how annoying this issue is, as you have limited access to your phone and your data. This is caused by the feature Unlock iPhone 4. If the previous owner has forgotten to disable this feature and didn’t provide you the ID and the password, than you are not able to use your iPhone 4. If you find yourself in this situation, probably the first thing you get on your mind is to visit an official Apple store and to ask them for professional help. But in order to help you, they will require from you the original receipt for the phone, and of course if you have bought it second hand, you will not be able to provide it. And not to mention that they will charge you a lot of money for their service.

But we are here to inform you that you should not despair about this problem anymore. The right solution is right before you and that is the Unlock iPhone 4 service.

how to Unlock iPhone 4

How to Unlock iPhone 4 Permanently by Free solution

This Unlock iPhone 4 service is the most efficient way of Unlocking the lock on any iPhone 4 model, and moreover it can Unlock the lock from every Apple device, such as iPod and iPad touch. It works by directly connecting to the Apple database and Unlocking the lock permanently. It supports every IOS version, including the latest IOS version. A very important fact about this service how to Unlock iPhone 4 for free is that it doesn’t require any personal data from you, so you security is not endangered.

Step by step instructions to Unlock iPhone 4 for free

Here are provided the step by step instructions for using this service:

  1. First, use our Unlock iPhone 4 service from the provided links
  2. Install it and run as Administrator
  3. Connect the PC where you installed the tool and the locked iPhone 4
  4. Select your iPhone 4 model from the provided list
  5. Provide the IMEI code and an e-mail address
  6. Click ‘unlock’ and wait while the process is finished
  7. When the process is finished, you will receive an e-mail that the lock is Unlocked from your phone
  8. Then Restore and Update you phone and create new ID and password

Be careful not to miss some of the steps and you will successfully Unlock the lock from your iPhone 4. Go to our Unlock iPhone 4 official service to start this process, and by IMEI code your iPhone 4 will be full unlocked on any sim card.